Pocketed & Cansulta Join Forces to Help Founders Grow

Drumroll, please! Pocketed and Cansulta have partnered up as the ultimate duo to set your business up for success!

Pocketed Grant Platform
4 min readFeb 10, 2022

In the spirit of Spider-Man: No Way Home (we’re all big fans), Pocketed believes in teaming up with incredible businesses that can help us help you achieve your goals (insert Spider-Man pointing meme 😉)!

The team at Cansulta connects startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses with a global network of vetted, expert consultants ready to offer specialized help in whatever business area you need! How awesome is that?

Pocketed adds to that by helping North American businesses tap into the $5.9B available in non-dilutive government funds through our intelligent platform and risk-free managed service solution. That means you focus on scaling your business!

But how exactly can this partnership benefit you and your business?

Hint: Keep reading to find out!

Starting a business is hard and knowing where to access supportive resources isn’t always clear. With that being said, the pandemic continues to magnify this struggle and limits businesses from reaching their full potential. So, how does a founder overcome funding challenges and engage with other supportive resources?

As both a Pocketed and Cansulta user, you can access non-dilutive funding and get affordable expertise on scaling your business the right way.

Short On Funds?

Financial barriers are a common roadblock that founders face when building their business. Whether you’re just getting off the ground or or looking to effectively scale, knowing where and how to access funding can be overwhelming — especially with so many options, prerequisites, and processes.

Some of you may already know about the many non-dilutive government funds available (grants, tax credits, and more!). But, it is painful to find the right programs for you, and it can be even more difficult to apply to them with limited knowledge or resources.

Pocketed makes this process easy. Our intelligent platform connects you to the eligible funds you need and our risk-free service solution increases your success. Whether funding R&D or scaling your team is your key priority, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for more information on the basics of grants, we recommend you start here!

Short On Knowledge?

As a founder, you’re constantly going head-to-head with decisions that will have major implications for the long-term performance of your business. Let’s be honest — we don’t always have all the answers for every topic ourselves!We’re good at our thing–not everything.

Having access to subject matter experts in all business areas such as marketing, planning, human resources, and finance is key to staying on your feet. Everyone makes better decisions when they’re equipped with better information and the support of experienced experts. We can’t do it all!

Beyond funding support, Cansulta connects businesses with the right experts to navigate every challenge or opportunity that comes your way. This ensures that you can create a strategic plan that aligns with your goals to push your business FORWARD!

Cansulta allows you to browse their full list of experts and filter by expertise, industry or language, or location here. Your free membership lets you view availability, message, and book a free introductory session with any consultant at your earliest convenience, too! This is all done within a platform that takes care of everything from booking and invoicing to providing a secure virtual meeting room. Wasn’t that a breeze?

We’re Here to Help!

Now you can see why this partnership absolutely works to help founders like you GROW! Funding and operational decisions are intimidating, especially when you don’t feel equipped to address them. But they don’t have to be!

Ready to take the next step?

Check out Cansulta’s website to learn more about their team and include their services in your plan-of-attack! (Pocketed members’ booking fees are waived and you receive other exclusive offers.)

And don’t miss the opportunity to explore a ton of grant funding available to you on Pocketed today. (Cansulta members enjoy preferential pricing on Pocketed+ and other services as part of their Perks.)



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