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Pocketed Grant Platform
3 min readNov 16, 2021


It’s finally here!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the premium tier of our grant matching services, “Pocketed+”! This new tier of our platform has an abundance of exciting features and resources to make accessing grant funding even easier for all of you! Our team has been working tirelessly to create an optimized platform full of unique and supportive additions, to ensure your funding success.

Our basic grant matching platform will continue to be available to all users, but when you’re ready to level up your business and harness all of the incredible power of Pocketed+, follow the steps included at the end of this post to create or upgrade your account to enjoy all of the incredible new features!

Let’s run through the platform so you can see just what you’re missing by not upgrading to Pocketed+ status!

Advanced Filtering

Take your grant matches to a whole new level by utilizing unique filters to help you find your perfect grant! These advanced filters allow you to specifically filter by role type, project, specific candidate requirements, and more!

Grant Alerts

You’ll never miss another grant when you take advantage of the grant alert feature! These alerts notify you of specific deadlines, when grants open and close, as well as when you are matched with a new grant! You never have to worry about FOMO again!

Unlimited Consultations

Unsure where to start your grant funding journey or optimize your Pocketed account? Need some advice on which grants the experts think could benefit your business the most or which grants are easily stackable? Our team of experts will guide you through the entire experience! We will be available to you through every step of your grant funding journey, so you never have to worry about missing out on funding!

Ayming Perks

We have partnered with the experts at Ayming to give you (our Pocketed+ members) incredible perks and services! By creating a Pocketed+ account, you automatically qualify for a custom funding report which highlights a project’s grant incentives and 15% to 35% off Ayming services! Talk about a sweet deal!

Goodlawyer Perks

At Pocketed, we know just how confusing and overwhelming legal contracts and filings can be when starting a new business. This is why we’ve partnered with the incredible team at Goodlawyer! When creating a Pocketed+ account, you automatically qualify for a FREE legal consultation from the Goodlawyer team as well as $150 off Goodlawyer Pro!

Are you ready to level up your business and take advantage of Pocketed+? If you already have a basic Pocketed account, follow the steps included in this link to upgrade. If you are new to Pocketed and want to start your grant funding journey ahead of the pack, follow this link to create your Pocketed+ account from scratch!

What are you waiting for?! There are billions in untapped non-dilutive funding just waiting for you to apply! Get on the platform and get funded!



Pocketed Grant Platform

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